Fantasy League and Squawka have teamed up to bring you the game as you know and love it for 2016/17. Registration still open!

Squawka's new free-to-play weekly MatchBoss game is now live, with a £50,000 jackpot and a guaranteed £1,000 in prizes up for grabs every week. Simply pick the the player you think will fare best in each of the weekend's 10 Premier League matches - based on Squawka's unique player performance algorithm. Play now at

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Assists Explained - Week 11

24th October 2016Assists Explained - Week 11 0

Managers Strike It Lucky On MatchBoss

21st October 2016Managers Strike It Lucky On MatchBoss 0

Assists Explained - Week 10

18th October 2016Assists Explained - Week 10 0

Assists Explained - Week 8

3rd October 2016Assists Explained - Week 8 0

Assists Explained - Week 7

26th September 2016Week 7 0

Play MatchBoss and Win 50,000 Pounds!

23rd September 2016Play MatchBoss and Win 50,000 Pounds! 0

Assists Explained - Week 6

22nd September 2016Week 6 0

Assists Explained - Week 5

13th September 2016Week 5 0

Player Profilin’ Part 2

26th August 2016Player Profiling returns with another three less known transferred players for you to add to your fantasy team 0

The Premier League Veteran

25th August 2016We take a look at players reaching the ends of their careers 0

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