Fantasy Football Tips

15th August 2013By: Mark Tinklin

Listen up! Here are the secrets to Fantasy League success

Need the inside track to get the better of your rivals? Here's what would be included in the fantasy football coaching manual if there was a course - and there should be - at St George's Park, the FA's new coaching headquarters.

Study the fixtures. Look out for players with a run of winnable matches coming up, but stay clear of teams facing daunting road trips.

Midfielders who play further forward, and even up front, are gold dust to fantasy managers. They cost less than a player listed as a striker and get plenty of chances to score.

Set piece takers. Players that take free-kicks, corners and penalties are more likely to score goals and pick up assists. Easy.

Read the rules. Different games require different strategies. You can get away with cheap and redundant subs in some games, while in others everyone needs to contribute.

Endure the transfer gossip. Speculation may go into overdrive during the transfer window, but it could yield a vital clue when a low priced player is about to move to a big club.

Know your enemy. Thinking about who your friends and rivals will pick could give you the upper hand when it comes to the crunch.

Bulk up for double game weeks. Make the most of rearranged matches and you could top a weekly leaderboard. If a team is playing twice use your transfers accordingly.

Double defence. Defensive points may be at a premium these days, but picking two defenders from a side that are good at the back will mean twice as many clean sheets.

Injuries and suspensions. Study the team news every Friday and take advantage of players who are ruled out by bringing in their understudy. Think Daniel Sturridge.

Find the friendlies. If you really want to put the hours in, find out as much as you can about who's been playing and scoring during pre-season.

Bargain basement. A cheap points scorer will keep your tally rolling along and leaves more money elsewhere. Consider full-backs Matthew Lowton, Luke Shaw and Neil Taylor.

Take an early risk. Throw a player in for the start and use a transfer if it doesn't work. David Meyler scored in the Championship and Danny Welbeck keeps getting better.


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  • Ian Whiteley

    4 years ago

    Danny Welbeck would need to get a lot better after his goal return last season #new emileheskey

  • Mark Tinklin

    4 years ago

    More to his game than just goals, plus he played on the wing last season. It's a role he'll continue this time around and he's getting a close to being a guaranteed starter at Manchester United. He has the makings of being an excellent inside forward - brilliant first touch, good movement, pace and trickery. Plus there are goals there - especially in the air - and should they start flowing the fantasy football points will follow.

  • Tom d'Ardenne

    4 years ago

    Ahh yes. Welbeck. The striker who doesn't play up top, doesn't take set pieces, and who has difficult opening fixtures (at least according to Moyes). What happened to rules 1, 2 and 3? If you want a gamble, try Sigurdsson.

  • Mark Tinklin

    4 years ago

    *cough* Danny Welbeck *cough* :)

  • Tom d'Ardenne

    4 years ago

    David Meyler :P

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