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  • Allgunsblazin

    6 years ago

    A few places left in "The Mighty Arse" League Pin No 5877, feel free to join, & we have a laugh, so sensitive souls need not apply lol.

  • Michel

    6 years ago

    Join the Premier League Rivalry - Pin: 5534 Password: rivals



    6 years ago

    F&E league 5553 open to everyone.Please join

  • MimozA

    6 years ago

    Please join "Bring it on" league - use pin (5214) and password (epl2010-11) to be added to the league...

  • Colin Boyle

    6 years ago

    Join my F&E league..league PIN is 4879…just go to league and send me a join request Looking to build a 10-12 team competitive F&E league for this season. If you are someone that likes to play the entire season (vs. having a bad first weekend and forgetting about it), please join. With a league of this size we would be eligible for all prizes and likely most teams can remain in the hunt for most of the season. Don’t get bogged down in some 30 team F&E league…this one will be fun and competitive!

  • Brik Scheidhaus

    6 years ago

    F&E League still open for business - Pin 4617 password 'blatter'

  • SheasBlueChamps

    7 years ago
    RAJ Unlucky

    Ha ha Raj!! You still think they a shite team? Unlucky, looks like you called this one wrong! Club record of undefeated streak! Ha ha ha.

  • Anas Shahrom

    7 years ago
    Buy a striker...

    Howy about buying a good striker from Slovenia, Slovakia or Serbia? The midfielder is scoring more......

  • wayne

    7 years ago
    RAJ talks shite

    Go back to cricket you obviously know cock all about football or your a villa fan. do one!!!!

  • farted

    7 years ago



    7 years ago

    BCFC forever

  • Ex Chairman XXX

    7 years ago
    What a terrible team

    I just realized what a terrible team this is. I mean Carr and Bowyer and Phillips are well past their prime. absolute rubbish.

  • Richard

    7 years ago
    why no philips?

    Why isnt kevin philips getting any games? Why start with just O'Connor on his own, whats philips done to be dropped?

  • blueflash

    7 years ago
    Negative tactics may cost us

    Negative tactics may cost us as yet again as we almost got knocked out of the cup with a defensive setup, however soon as changed formation to more natural attacking formation we turned the game around and won the tie. I would like to see us attack teams to give them a problem, and not just hit them on the break with one up front. Is anybody else worried. On a posstive note benitez is looking better, but wish we had another sharp attacker to play upfont with him.

  • Graham Atkinson

    7 years ago

    Join my league it hasnt kicked off yet. Pin 1942

  • Stewart Smart

    7 years ago
    Welcome to all Bluenoses

    ...and welcome to you blueflash. I think it's going to be a tough season but after yesterday's game I saw a ray of hope. I was however, a little confused with McLeish's tactics. Why bring on O'Shea and not Phillips? There was not long to go and whilst we were losing 1 0 there was always a chance to nick a point...not sure what O'Shea 'added' to the team. I understand we may have been left exposed and Man U may have got another but would that really have been such a disaster? I hope McLeish is not going to apply negative/defensive tactics. For example, I hope we go 4-4-2 v Pompey on Weds. It will be interesting to see how we play when we are at home and expected to go on the offensive, be creative, score goals and win a game. Encouraging start, though. KRO

  • matt johnston

    7 years ago
    please join

    any last minute managers not found a league yet, just worked out how this whole thing works, lets see if we can can a league in 18 hours, cheers pin= 1647

  • blueflash

    7 years ago
    Welcome to all bluenoses

    Great to back in prem. Hope Benitez is match fit soon and settles in. Think fahey could be the surprise performer this season.

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