The Forecast for Persistent Wayne

By: Matt Sims 8th December 2017

With Wayne Rooney nearing the end of his Premier League career, the question remains as to whether he will surpass Alan Shearer's record total of 992 Fantasy League points.

Prior to the start of the season, Rooney stood on 846 points - still 146 points short of Shearer - but has since reduced the deficit by 23 points by virtue of seven goals and an assist for the current season so far.

However, in terms of average points per season (minimum five seasons), former Arsenal frontman Thierry Henry easily comes out on top with almost 86 points per season.

Listed below are the top 10 points scoring players by position (current Premier League players shown in bold):


Player Seasons Played Goals Assists Points
A Shearer1546827485992
W Rooney16413205127869
A Cole1535619090750
T Henry923817697722
T Sheringham1540015999675
R Fowler1431716265596
L Ferdinand1433616063596
J Defoe1634915948573
R van Persie1122614465562
D Yorke1631712364540


Player Seasons Played Goals Assists Points
F Lampard19556176128784
R Giggs23567113211761
S Gerrard17466121113589
M Le Tissier1026810775471
P Scholes1941610676464
C Fabregas1127849123393
G Speed165508764389
D Beckham82416296378
C Ronaldo61618444340
G Barry206105181315


Player Seasons Played Goals Assists CS GA Points
J Terry184664220218377691
J Carragher15463517180381458
R Ferdinand184641113182448439
S Hyypia10307229125267374
W Gallas12306264129275365
T Adams11286149132237357
S Campbell194821927157537356
N Vidic920315496148300
G Pallister1029410887207300
M Keown13319410103241281


Player Seasons Played Goals Assists CS GA Points
A Cole143711541152320482
D Irwin123541841145326454
G Neville16377541148335435
G Le Saux14351155898291353
L Dixon113391417111235351
L Baines133773259110469341
P Evra9266732107226339
G Johnson163331533123366324
G Clichy14300321117266303
P Neville1743792995242294


Player Seasons Played Goals Assists CS GA Points
P Cech1340003190311475
D Seaman13385010151339368
P Schmeichel1034719145319339
J Reina828505134247316
E van der Sar1031104133304281
D James1857606176666274
N Martyn1241005149461257
T Howard1339816132427250
J Hart1131502122333230
D De Gea72150084205178

Arsenal goalkeper Petr Cech is the only current Premier League player top of their respective positional category.

How many of these players have you had in your Fantasy League team over the years?


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