Cup Final Fever Comes Early

By: Matt Sims 10th May 2018

As well as having entered the final week of the Premier League season, the finals of our overall Fantasy League Auction cup competitions are now under way.

Together with the four Pro Cups up that are for grabs (separated by league size), there's also the finals of the Champions League and Europa League competitions.

Listed below are our respective finalists - click on the team names to view their respective team screens:

Champions League Final:

Billy's Bhoys (Bill Pottinger) v Darth Monkey F.C. (Michael Marsden)

Michael is also the long-time leader of the overall rankings.

Europa League Final:

Where Eagles Dare (Adam Maurice) v Inter My Nan (Kevin Hurscombe)

Pro Cup Final (5-7):

LDGriezmann (Liam Griesel) v Alli The New Klinsmann (Grant Poiner)

Pro Cup Final (8-10):

Sharp Shooters (Dale Sharp) v Tom's Tornados (Tom Gladwin)

Pro Cup Final (11-13):

Beckscum's Vengaboys (Manager Name) v Champagne Super Rovers (Danny Ankjaer)

Pro Cup Final (14-16):

Come On Dann (Manager Name) v One Man Went To Mow (Chris Ward-Miller)

Good luck to all those involved!


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