It's not Harry's, it's mine!

By: Matt Sims 12th April 2018

The Premier League's decision to credit Harry Kane with the second Tottenham goal against Stoke came too late for Fantasy League managers owning the Spurs striker, much to the relief of those with Christian Eriksen.

The ruling came on Wednesday afternoon - almost four days after the match had been completed - with the goal initially credited to Eriksen despite Kane's claims that the ball brushed his shoulder en-route.

As clearly stated within the Scoring Points page (expand 'Goals') on the site:

Points are awarded to the official goalscorer as listed on the official Premier League website and Fantasy League will not overrule this source in any circumstances, even if there is cause to believe that the player given the goal is not the correct goalscorer. Fantasy League will only amend goals that are overturned by the Premier League within 24 hours of the completion of the match in question. Occasionally, the Premier League will re-assign or take away a goal at a later date - in such circumstances, Fantasy League will not amend points retrospectively.

Hence, as the goal was still allocated to Eriksen as of 24 hours after the match had been played on Saturday afternoon, no subsequent points amendment would take effect.

A definitive timeframe for such decisions is important for "closure" (allowing 48 or even 72 hours would have made no difference in this instance), although the absence of the Classic game means we are now less restricted by Gambling Commission regulations.

Although betting providers may pay out twice in such circumstances, that decision is beneficial to backers of both players and doesn't affect anyone else's pocket. The awarding of Fantasy League points is somewhat different - it would mean taking points away from some managers (those owning Eriksen) and adding them to others (those with Kane). Even managers with neither player would be indirectly affected (i.e. they could slip down a place in the league if the team with Kane was behind by two points or fewer).

Cup competition results could also potentially be affected, which is another reason why this rule is in place.

Hence, we hope this explains why we will not be reallocating points on the back of the Premier League's decision.


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