You’re Just a One-Man Team!

By: Matt Sims 21st March 2018

Coming into the final few weeks of the season, there are a total of 11 Fantasy League Auction teams for which one player has scored more points than the rest of their other players combined.

In the case of Gemmill's 78s, managed by Lee Moseley, 62.50% of his team's 120 points have been scored by one player - Sergio Aguero.

Meanwhile, Mo Salah has scored 55.21% of the total points accumulated by Superstars FC.

The 11 teams for which a single player has outscored the rest of the team's players are as follows:

Team Name Points Player Points Percentage
Gemmill 78s120S Aguero7562.50%
Superstars FC192M Salah10655.21%
Drinkbeer and carry on143H Kane7854.55%
Bobby's Bumblers105R Lukaku5653.33%
The Neville Wears Prada75D Alli4053.33%
The Welsh Dragons32J Hernandez1753.13%
Exeter Gently142S Aguero7552.82%
Route 1 FC201M Salah10652.74%
No Pop, No Style149H Kane7852.35%
EADC154H Kane7850.65%
AFC Grifftown156H Kane7850.00%

In complete contrast to this, Dirty Sanchez has scored 408 points so far this season - with no individual player having scored more than 26 (6.79%).


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