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By: Matt Sims 1st April 2019

We've teamed up with Seedrs to make it easy to own shares in Fantasy League Ltd.

Click here to view the full investment opportunity on Seedrs.

We are approaching the climax of our 28th season. We know that many of you have been with us for most of this journey and that really means something.

Never before have fantasy sports played such a big part in how we consume sport; giving fans a way to immerse themselves in the game, and brands a way to get closer to this engaged audience. At Fantasy League we've always obsessed over the best fantasy format and customer experience. We hope our new platform launching next season will demonstrate this commitment even further.

Now, we're looking to grow our business like never before. We're raising investment to take our proposition out to the 7 million UK fantasy football players. Our game has always centered around friendship groups and this is how we acquire, engage and retain customers. Our auction format underpins this. We're confident that our new product offering will be attractive to a new, wider audience.

We have the highest engagement and retention rates in the industry. We know that a business built on real friendship and genuine engagement will be enormously valuable in an increasingly commoditised world. With the scale we've targeted, we hope to become a significant force in the future of fantasy football.

We've also created additional benefit packages alongside your investment.

So as well as continuing to play the game you know and love on our brand new platform, we're giving you the opportunity to join us on this exciting journey...

Click here to view the full investment opportunity on Seedrs.

If you have any queries regarding a potential investment, please contact us at [email protected]


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