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By: Matt Sims 4th February 2018

Fantasy League Auction managers often use the number of goals that a player has set up so far this season to identify a free agent with lots of potential for assists, but there is arguably another statistic that can give an even better indication.

Chances created or 'key passes' is a measure that's become widely available with football stats providers in recent years - such as with our friends at Squawka - but can go unnoticed by your league rivals.

As the category heading suggests, the measure represents the number of chances that the player has created so far this season (leading to a shot at goal), and therefore the maximum number of assists were all chances to be have been converted.

It does not, however, truly reflect the difficulty of the chance created, nor the ability of the player to convert the chance.

Unsurprisingly, it is Kevin de Bruyne - who has accumulated 11 assists so far this season - that has also created the most chances (59).

However, Leroy Sane (23) and Riyad Mahrez (25) have both created far fewer chances, yet have gained nine and ten assists respectively. It may be only a matter of time before luck evens itself out, although there is a lot to be said about the quality of the strikers that they are presenting these chances to.

On the other hand, there are other players who can consider themselves unfortunate in not having racked up more assists. Aaron Mooy has created 29 chances so far this season with just one assist to his name, while N'Golo Kante has had no return for his 28 key passes.

The top 20 players (and ties) for chances created during the 2017/18 season are currently as follows:

K De BruyneMCMF591118.64
C FabregasCHEMF5747.02
M OzilARSMF5747.02
A SanchezARSST47510.64
C EriksenTOTMF43716.28
P GrossBHAMF42511.90
X ShaqiriSTOMF39512.82
A TownsendCPMF36513.89
P CoutinhoLIVMF34720.59
E HazardCHEMF3438.82
D SilvaMCMF33824.24
M RitchieNEWMF31825.81
D TadicSOTMF3139.68
D AlliTOTMF30826.67
M SalahLIVMF30723.33
Y CabayeCPMF30310.00
A MooyHUDMF2913.45
R FirminoLIVST28621.43
R SterlingMCMF28621.43
J MataMUMF28310.71
N RedmondSOTMF28310.71
N KanteLEIMF2800.00

Key passes courtesy of Squawka. Assists as per Fantasy League. Statistics correct as of 4 January 2018.


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