The Price is Right?

By: Fantasy League 19th September 2017

A month into the new Fantasy League season, we investigate whether the money spent on your star player was really worth it...

Admittedly, it's easy to make rash conclusions after just five matches of a season spanning 38 games, but early signs suggest that Sergio Aguero will prove to be a better value-for-money Fantasy League Auction buy than the top scorer for the past two seasons, Harry Kane.

Aguero (purchased for an average £23.98m based on a £100m budget) has scored 19 points thus far, whereas Kane (£34.79m) has scored just six - at a cost of nearly half as much again as the Argentine.

Below is a table showing the most expensive 50 players on average across all auctions, along with points scored so far:

Player Club Pos Price (£m) Pts Pts/£m
H KaneTOTST34.7960.17
R LukakuMUST32.40170.52
A MorataCHEST24.75130.53
S AgueroMCST23.98190.79
A LacazetteARSST22.7660.26
G JesusMCST22.52120.53
D AlliTOTMF20.5160.29
A SanchezARSST19.1100.00
K De BruyneMCMF18.3660.33
E HazardCHEMF17.2000.00
S ManeLIVMF16.4290.55
C EriksenTOTMF14.8190.61
R FirminoLIVST13.94100.72
M SalahLIVMF11.52131.13
P PogbaMUMF11.51121.04
Z IbrahimovicMUST10.6800.00
J VardyLEIST10.49121.14
M OzilARSMF10.3900.00
J HernandezWHST10.2760.58
M AlonsoCHEFB9.95101.01
P CoutinhoLIVMF9.6700.00
C BentekeCPST9.4200.00
G SigurdssonEVEMF9.3000.00
R SanchesSWAMF8.9700.00
S AurierTOTFB8.8500.00
R SterlingMCMF8.7591.03
W RooneyEVEST8.7060.69
H SonTOTST8.5000.00
J DefoeBOUST8.2630.36
D De GeaMUGK8.15111.35
T CourtoisCHEGK7.8940.51
L SaneMCMF7.8760.76
G CahillCHECB7.8700.00
T AlderweireldTOTCB7.8581.02
H MkhitaryanMUMF7.81151.92
K WalkerMCFB7.77121.54
H LlorisTOTGK7.7581.03
C AzpilicuetaCHECB7.4481.08
M RashfordMUST7.3581.09
D LuizCHECB7.1370.98
W BonySWAST6.8600.00
D SilvaMCMF6.7481.19
O GiroudARSST6.5930.46
D ZappacostaCHEFB6.3600.00
E BaillyMUCB6.20142.26
B MendyMCFB6.0281.33
J VertonghenTOTCB5.9681.34
W ZahaCPMF5.9000.00

Of the 50 biggest money signings, the best value for money purchase is currently Manchester United centre-back Eric Bailly.

Bought for an average £6.20m, Bailly has amassed 14 points thus far at 2.26 points per million pounds spent.

Obviously a number of managers would have picked up the Ivory Coast international for much less than that and can therefore give themselves a well deserved pat on the back...for now, at least!

Closely behind is his Manchester United team-mate, Henrik Mkhitaryan, who was purchased for an average £7.81m and has scored 15 points at an average of 1.92 points per million.

14 of the 50 have yet to get off the mark, including Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard and Philippe Coutinho - although all three have had limited playing time thus far.

But as the saying goes, "Form is temporary, class is permanent"...and the stats could show a completely different story at the end of the season.


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