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The Auction!
Your League,
Your Rules
Team Management
Season-Long Action

The Auction!

Fantasy League Auction offers the ultimate football experience, a player auction where you must scrap for individual players with your fellow league members. This is fantasy football the way it was intended to be played.

You can either make a night of it and hold a live face-to-face auction at (merely a suggestion!) your favourite drinking establishment. Be advised though, once you've held one auction, you'll be planning your summer around it next year!

Or, if you'd prefer you can hold an online auction, where you can bid against your fellow managers to build your team from the comfort of the home or office. It's the ideal scenario for leagues who are pushed for time, or have managers spread far and wide.

Visit the Auction page for more information.

Your League, Your Rules

Fantasy League Auction would not be the game it is without the ability to choose your league rules to suit your league and group of managers. Unlike other fantasy football games, each team is unique as each player can only play for one team in your league.

League options are customisable and each league can contain between five and 16 teams in the league. You choose from a squad size of between 11 and 18 players. You set your own team budgets and mid-season transfer window rules. You select which formations will be available to managers. Don't worry though if that all sounds to much to decide upon - we have default options available if needed.

It's fantasy football, anyway you want it!

Visit the League Rules page for more information.

Team management

Select your starting 11. Bench the underperforming players. Wheel and deal with other managers. Pick up free agents and release those players who flop. Fantasy League Auction has everything the wily manager needs to make those tactical decisions and change the course of their team's season.

Visit the Team Management page for more information.

Season-Long Action

Of course, the auction is only the start of it all. A full season of Premier League and FA Cup action awaits, with your players scoring points based on their real-life performances. Our classic scoring system awards points for goals, assists and clean sheets, keeping competition at a maximum throughout the year.

Not only will you compete against your friends in your own league, but depending on your teams performance, you'll also fight it out in National and European competitions, custom cups and Auction Ranking tables.

Visit the Season-long action page for more information.

Which Package to choose?

Fantasy League Auction caters to all. With three packages on offer, you can choose whichever option best suits you and your league of budding managers.

All league packages include Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the top-performing managers, plus there are additional medals, trophies and personalised printed yearbooks for Premium package managers!

Visit the Packages page for more information. Alternatively new managers can take advantage of our special 30 day FREE trial offer - simply register and select the free trial option.


There is a good reason why Fantasy League Auction managers play year after year after year. Once you’ve experienced an auction night and season of the game you’ll see why for yourself.

"I moved to the US in 1999 and every year since (except two) I have travelled to London for our in person auction night."
"Auction is what it is all about and everyone who takes part loves it but nobody in the outside world really knows about it."
"For me, the auction element of Fantasy League is the highlight of taking part - the meticulous planning and adrenaline rush waiting for the successful bids to come in is brilliant. Every year that I've taken part, there's always a quality player landed on a free in the first round - this year it was Wayne Rooney. Then there's the gem that someone takes a punt on, the regrets of dropping a player early on to be picked up by a rival manger - the excitement is spread throughout the whole season."
"The real beauty is that the essence of the game itself has not changed. The thrill, the sense of achievement, the satisfaction you get when you see or hear YOUR striker not Man U's or Chelsea's has scored earning YOU 3 valuable points - has not diminished or tarnished one little bit in all those years - and I hope never will."

To read more heart-warming, heart-breaking and downright hilarious stories from current managers, visit the Testimonials page.

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