Key Explanation
PLDGames Played
CSClean Sheets
GAGoals Against
MTHMonth Points
TOTOverall total

Jonny Evans

Centreback - Leicester

Home 12 1 0 6 10 17
Away 10 0 0 1 16 -4
Total 22 1 0 7 26 13
Starts Substitute Appearances
No. of Starts 21 No. of Subs 3
No. of points from Starts 0.62 No. of points from Subs -1
No. of Starts where scored points 12 No. of Subs where points were scored 2
% of Starts where scored points 0 % of Subs where scored points 0
Points per Sub 4.33


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  • Alwyn McKee

    9 years ago

    think Fergie may be in on the conspiracy to ensure Jonny doesn't score 3 pts??! Witness his twice now being substituted between 70 and 75 mins!!! Actually as a Norn Iron supporter, I should be pleased he is protecting his dodgy ankle once the victory is secured!!

  • chris kirkland

    9 years ago

    3points apparently !!!!!!!!!! Well prepared to take your tenner but not coff up the points- garbage website

  • Tom Calnan

    9 years ago
    I agree

    give me my 2 points back FFL Ps - your new website is bloody awful

  • Paul Skipp

    9 years ago
    what a con

    Here, here - what a load of tosh. This system stinks. I demand a recount.

  • Florian

    9 years ago
    lost 2 points too

    he was substitutet in the 75 minutes so he didn't play for 75 minutes ha played for 74 minutes and less than 60 seconds and that is why we lose points on him....

  • Robert Albans

    9 years ago
    rip off.....

    cough up those 2 missing points

  • The Professor

    9 years ago
    Evans 3 points

    Agree with ALL the posts below. Give us those 2 points back for Evans!

  • Dave Mark

    9 years ago
    Evans 3 points

    Whats going on! evans was on to 75mins, doesn't equate to 3 points !!

  • Eamonn

    9 years ago
    Evans on!

    Hi, I agree the bbc says there were two sets of MU subs one on 74 and then the one involving Evans on 75 so he was on for 75 minutes! I want my 2 points, Gof knows I need it, week 1 and 36 million on Torres is looking a mite expensive...

  • Simon Irwin

    9 years ago

    give us 3 points for evans

  • Doug Webb

    9 years ago
    minutes tp play to keep clean sheet

    how many minutes must a defender / keeper play without conceding a goal to keep 3 points if they are substituted?

  • Phil

    9 years ago

    why didnt he get 3 points? he has to be on the feild for 75 mins and bbc website states that he was taken off in the 75th minute? we might have to write to FFL? Anyone else agree?

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