Assists Explained - Week 36

21st April 2017By: Tom Green

The allocation of assists is often a major talking point and this article gives managers an insight as to certain points were or were not given.

Please note that assists awarded during live updates are provided by a feed – no assists are awarded by the feed for penalties, own goals, rebounds off the woodwork, goalkeeping parries/dropped crosses etc. Also, “double assists” are never awarded by the feed. Goals are subsequently reviewed by the Fantasy League Assist Panel and amended manually after all of the day’s matches have been completed.

Tottenham 1 Bournemouth 0
Goal: Mousa Dembele
Assists: Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld

Bournemouth held out for little more than a quarter of an hour against title-chasing Tottenham as Dembele made the breakthrough from a corner. Alderweireld attempted to flick on Eriksen's cross, with the ball eventually falling to Dembele at the far post, who coolly registered his first Premier League goal of the season. Although the Sky Sports commentators were adamant that Alderweireld got a touch with his boot, the Fantasy League Assists Committee were less sure. However, it was still decided to also award the Tottenham centre-back with an assist due to the benefit of the doubt.

Tottenham 4 Bournemouth 0
Goal: Vincent Janssen
Assist: Ben Davies

Dutch striker Janssen completed the scoring when he scored at the second attempt from Davies' ball inside. As the pass from the Welsh full-back reached Janssen without any intervention, this was effectively the last pass to the goalscorer - the precise definition of an assist. The fact that Janssen then took two attempts to score is irrelevant in terms of the awarding of the assist as the pass to him had already been made.

Everton 2 Burnley 1
Goal: Ben Mee o.g.
Assist: Ross Barkley

Everton retook the lead when a shot from Barkley took two deflections off Burnley defenders before hitting the back of the net. Despite the goal initially being awarded to Barkley, it was swiftly reallocated by the Premier League as an own goal, meaning that Barkley was subsequently awarded two points for an assist rather three for a goal.

Sunderland 2 West Ham 2
Goal: Fabio Borini
Assist: Darron Gibson

The Blacks Cats grabbed a late equalizer when a hopeful punt from Gibson was first flapped and then parried by Hammers' keeper Darren Randolph before falling to Borini, who netted from the edge of the area. As neither goalkeeping intervention was sufficient to remove the assist (neither were a punch), the two points were duly awarded the Gibson.

West Brom 0 Liverpool 1
Goal: Roberto Firmino
Assist: Lucas

Firmino grabbed the only goal of the game at the Hawthorns in first half injury time after a free-kick from James Milner was headed on by Lucas to his fellow Brazilian. However, Lucas' header gave the cross some forward momentum - the ball was clearly not heading towards the six yard box without it - thus removing any argument for a double assist.


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