We've Got a Whole Lot of History!

29th March 2018By: Matt Sims

Many Auction leagues have now been running for a number of years - some since the early 1990s - so we're delighted to announce some new features to formally recognise previous league winners on the website...

Firstly, there is an additional column on the league table (to the right of the manager name, desktop and tablet screen sizes only) displaying the number of league titles won.

There is also a new 'Hall of Fame' page which displays the winning manager for every season - accessible via the top navigation from all division pages.

We have automatically populated all league winners from 2009/10 onwards, assuming that your league has used the same league/division IDs throughout this period. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to data for seasons prior to then.

However, your Chairman can add/edit winners for earlier seasons via the Chairman's Office.

Please note that in order to accommodate 'Hall of Fame' within the top navigation, the link to the League Series standings (not applicable to leagues on the Starter or Standard package) has been moved to a tab directly above the league table - similar to how you would access FA Cup standings.

As you may have also noticed in recent months, there are similar icons on the league table (to the left of the team name, again only on desktops and tablets) which represent the number of Manager of the Months each manager has won during the current season - determined by points scored during the calendar month, followed by goals scored and then assists.

We hope you enjoy these improvements to the site and all the best to you and your league for the remainder of the season.

If you have any queries regarding these features, please email us at [email protected]


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