Keep Track of your Traditional Auction

By: Fantasy League 19th July 2018

Although we're aware that a handful of leagues have already created their own semi-automated spreadsheets to help monitor player purchases, budgets and club quotas during traditional auctions, we're delighted to introduce our own Auction Tracker spreadsheet.

Download the Auction Tracker Spreadsheet

Prior to the auction you should populate your league settings (number of teams taking part, squad size, club quotas, auction budget, formation restrictions etc.) and manager names via the League Set Up tab.

Then, during the auction, you can assign the winning manager and price paid for each player within the Tracker worksheet – this in turn will populate the winning manager’s squad, as well as updating their budget.

Furthermore, the spreadsheet will warn you if a team has contravened any of the rules – for example, if they have an insufficient number of players in any position or have exceeded club quota or budget constraints.

Download the Auction Tracker Spreadsheet


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